Four Quarter Control

Four Quarter Control
Year: 2019
Actor(s): , Steve Kitts (The Hackamore Horseman)
Genre(s): Hackamore Horse Training
Studio(s): Broad Reach Productions Inc.
Director(s): Steven W. Kitts
Run Time: 30 minutes

Size: 489.5 MB
 US$ 19.99 Permanent (unlimited viewing, no burn)
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Training a horse to respond to leg pressure is and important part of their training.
In this 30 minute video Steve takes you step by step on developing control of the four quarters of the horse with the use of your legs. 
Using a gentle dressage technique you will learn how to use your legs to control the shoulder and hind quarter of your horse.
This is usefull in doing lead changes, flat spins, side passing and more .

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